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Die Evolution Der Physik Albert Einstein

Die Evolution Der Physik

Albert Einstein

ISBN : 9783499183423
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 About the Book 

From the original Publishers Note:The layperson does not often have the opportunity of reading a simple exposition of advanced sientific thought written by the one who did the actual creative thinking. In this book, which is the result of a happy collaboration between the author of the theory of relativity, Albert Einstein, and one of his co-workers in research, Leopold Infeld, the story they have to tell of this evolutionary development is one of the most fascinating that the human mind can meet with - the story of humanitys attempt to comprehend through inventive thought its own relationship to the external world.In simple straightforward language, avoiding all technical terms and mathematical formulae, the authors have traced with beautiful clarity the steps from the mechanical view of the universe invented by classical physicists to the more satisfactory explanations evolved by modern science.Here is the story of humanitys conquest of its own ignorance. To read it is to participate in one of the greatest adventures of all time - the adventure of humanitys magnificent struggle to understand the laws governing the universe...