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Revenge Cassandra Zara


Cassandra Zara

Kindle Edition
50 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

I want you to surrender that beautiful body to me. I want to be the man that first gets to taste your pussy. I want you to bare your virgin sex to me, give it to me willingly.WARNING: This bookMoreI want you to surrender that beautiful body to me. I want to be the man that first gets to taste your pussy. I want you to bare your virgin sex to me, give it to me willingly.WARNING: This book contains extremely rough sex. If you arent interested in reading gagging, spanking, and hard anal sex, please do not purchase it!What would you do if you had a grudge almost two decades old?During Operation Enduring Freedom, the only man that Nick OConner could trust was his battle buddy, his brother-in-arms, Brian Baxter. They had enlisted on the same date and they were as close as two men could be. Unfortunately, when Nick needed him most, Brians cowardice cost him dearly. Assumed to be dead, Nick spent years in an Afghani POW camp. Even worse, upon return, Nick found that Brian married Nicks fiance, the lovely Carolina.Nick spent the next twenty years making a fortune. He never seemed to forget Carolina, though, showering her and her family with gifts. He even seemed to forgive Brian. However, he could never forget the man who had left him to die in that desert hellhole.Eighteen years later, Brian and Carolinas daughter had grown up. She had become a beautiful young woman who looked remarkably like Carolina had. Saving herself for marriage, teenaged Jane was ready to go to college now that high school was over. But when Nick told her that her father was in trouble and that he was the only one that could help him, she soon found herself at his mercy. Nick liked to fuck hard and without protection, and he intended to use her body every way that he could.Worse yet, he intended to record every bit of it so that her father could watch.He had spent the last two decades remembering how helpless he had been when Brian had left him to die, and now Nick got to watch as Brian sat there, helpless as he watched his little girl get spanked, throat fucked, deflowered, and fucked in the ass. Best of all, he got to watch Brians face full of anguish as he loaded Janes pussy up with something nobody would never forget- an impregnating creampie!They say that revenge is a dish best served cold, but one man is about to find out the hard way that sometimes, revenge is best served warm, wet, and pink...This 13000 word story is twice as long as any other story in my catalog and features a hate fuck, rough deflowering, ass-to-mouth, and is capped off with twenty years of cum deposited into a young teenagers ass and pussy!Jane bit her lip and hesitated. Nick sighed and quickly removed his belt. He leaned forward and wrapped it around the back of Janes neck, pulling her in. She squirmed a little bit as she moved, eventually kneeling in front of Nick. She looked up at him, frightened, but Nick just thrust his crotch out at her. She reached inside of his pants.Her eyes grew wide as she pulled his cock out of his boxers and through the zipper of his pants. It was huge and hard as a rock. He had taken a Viagra before coming over here, giving his dick all the vigor of youth along with the experience of age. Jane looked back up at him, the look on her face saying Theres no way I can fit this inside of me.Nick just smiled and pulled on the belt, pulling her in closer. His cock pushed against her face. She squirmed to get away, putting her hands on Nicks legs and trying to escape. It was no use, though, and within a moment she opened her mouth and let him enter. She began to suck, and Nick eased up on the belt a little bit, still keeping it wrapped around the back of her neck. Her tits bobbed as she moved her head back and forth.